‘Strawman’ Patent Invalidation

We challenge the validity of patents in major European patent courts on behalf of our clients. Our clients have the option to remain anonymous.

“No Win, No Fee” Patent Revocation

Skepsis works with leading litigation funders based in London to offer a “no win, no fee” option to fund your patent invalidation.   If your case meets our invalidity criteria, we may be able to obtain  funding to cover the legal costs of the invalidity challenge.

If we win, you  refund the costs of the litigation together with a success fee. If we lose, you pay nothing.

If required, we can also arrange After The Event Insurance (ATE Insurance).  This is insurance which covers the legal costs and expenses involved in litigation, so there need not be any costs exposure for our clients.

Prior Art Searching

Unique, high quality, expert-led search service, with legal analysis by a qualified patent attorney. We work with technical experts who really understand the inventions underlying the target patent(s). The involvement of a patent attorney means that our reports also cover the legal issues such as construction and sufficiency of disclosure.   This makes our search reports unique.

“No find, no fee” searches

We are so confident in the quality of our searches that we offer “no find, no fee” arrangements.  If we do not identify a novelty disclosure, you can keep our report and we will waive our fee.


While our main area of expertise is litigation, at Skepsis we recognize that this is not always the right approach and there may be alternative ways to resolve disputes between patent-owners and potential licensees.  We therefore offer a patent-oriented mediation service to assist parties in their licensing negotiations.

Patent Portfolio Analysis

We can carry out a full technical and legal analysis of portfolios as a backdrop to our strategic portfolio assessments. This enables our clients to make truly informed choices.

Strategic Advice

We integrate extensive experience of European and international patent-prosecution, litigation and licensing to give you the best strategic advice when it comes to building or monetizing a patent-portfolio.