We conduct patent revocation actions in the courts of the principal patent jurisdictions in Europe: United Kingdom, Germany and The Netherlands on behalf of our clients, who have the option of remaining anonymous. We offer a full-service which includes the identification of prior art, sourcing of experts and day-to-day conduct of the litigation.

We will increase our scope to cover the proposed Unified Patents Court, when the court becomes operational.


While our main area of expertise is litigation, at Skepsis we recognize that this is not always the right approach and there may be alternative ways to resolve disputes between patent-owners and potential licensees. We therefore also offer a mediation service. Our mediators are all highly-experienced patent-professionals and accredited.

Patent portfolio analysis

As the mobile space evolves, many of the traditional manufacturers have been unable to compete, meaning that their patent-portfolios have become the subject of acquisitions. Not all portfolios are of the same value, and in order to ensure that patent acquisitions are effective and able to deliver an appropriate return on investment, portfolios need to be analysed properly. Law firms are often entrusted with this work, as are firms of consulting-engineers. These solutions are less than optimal as neither lawyers nor technical-experts are able to assess the strategic value of portfolios.

Skepsis offers a service whereby we integrate a full technical and legal analysis of portfolios with a strategic assessment. This enables our clients to make a truly informed choice.

If your needs are simpler, we can offer validity assessments, and/or develop claims-charts as separate services.

Strategic Advice

We integrate extensive experience of European and international patent-prosecution, litigation and licensing to give you the best strategic advice when it comes to building or monetizing a patent-portfolio.