Skepsis Telecom is a ‘strawman’ patent revocation company that assists manufacturers in dealing with the many bad European and national patents that have been granted in the telecoms and computers spaces.

It is a fact that, of all of the patents asserted in the so-called ‘mobile-phone wars’, only a tiny fraction have survived a revocation actions in the English Patents Court. As patent-owners usually only assert their strongest patents, this is a damning indictment of the European patent granting system.

Many large companies hold tens of thousands of patents, a significant number of which are essential to the various standards adopted by standards setting organizations (SSOs), such as ETSI. Despite the likely invalidity of most of these patents, they still pose a serious risk to manufacturers because of the shortcomings of the court systems in Europe. The German courts in particular do not consider validity fully before granting injunctions. The proposed Unified Patents Court will be capable of granting Europe-wide injunctions without considering the validity of patents. This can cause irreparable harm to businesses which cannot afford to abandon key markets, such as Germany, let alone the whole EU. As a result, manufacturers are all too often forced to take licences to patent portfolios that they neither want nor need. The royalties paid to license these patents result in lower profits and often reduced expenditure on R&D.

Skepsis is here to help. We offer a service whereby you give us the patent number or numbers that you are concerned about, and we will challenge the patents on your behalf. Our service includes a full technical and legal analysis including identification of any prejudicial pre-publications (so-called prior-art), and the conduct of any litigation. The benefits for you are enormous:

  • Anonymity means that there is no risk of an infringement action against you.
  • Your legal costs are immediately halved because you do not have to defend an infringement action.
  • There is no case-management, discovery or disclosure burden on you, so you can devote more of your internal resources to real innovation.
  • We deal in large volumes of litigation and so have preferential rates with key law firms and expert consultancies, meaning you save even more on your litigation costs.
  • AND THE BEST PART, we do NOT charge you for our service. We recover costs from the patent-owner if we kill the patent. If we don’t kill it, we don’t get paid. It’s that simple.